Mary Caruso

I am a single mom of three teenage girls and we definitely need Shafi (next to closet space, of course.) with the amount of computers we have accumulated in our home. I believe I was one of his first customers when he opened this business and I knew from the moment that he entered my home that he was a real gentleman. He never made me feel that the lack of my computer knowledge or the fact that i am in a wheelchair was an impediment. Over the years I have acquired so much information through tips he has given me, various new products and accessories that I have purchased and still to this date, his professionalism is truly unbelievable. There is no need for me to look any further for our computer performances. Shafi is very knowledgable, thorough, most reliable, has the appropriate and updated technical experience but most of all, he has the correct personality. He has strong people skills and he listens to the concerns and needs of his customers and makes sure that they are totally satisfied with the task at hand. I would highly recommend Shafi (and have recommended Shafi) to anyone who is in need of computer help. And a smiling face. Thank You. I am very grateful for your services.