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A business requires manageable solutions for security, productivity and network
connectivity. PC Mechanix offers it’s customers solutions that will help you
to secure your confidential information, information management and enhance
business activity and productivity away from the office. No matter what industry
your company is, PC Mechainx provides strategies to support your business’ goals.

Secure Your Private Information

Internal and external security attacks are always a challenge for small/medium
businesses to find solutions that will protect their employees, data and confidential
information. Although users are not 100% protected against all security threats, we
recommend a layered system that can proactively protect your network and warn of
any potential threat.


With remote access, you are able to connect to your office or home office network
from another location as though you were directly in front of that computer at work.
This provides easy access to your office network where you can complete business
tasks, and access to emails and files. This is an essential service for your business as
it gives employees and global offices access to shared applications and files with


With the ever-growing popularity of technology like hand held devices and wireless
accessibility, it is crucial that businesses develop an efficient IT structure. By
connecting to your office computer/network remotely or connecting through
your mobile device you are able to easily access emails and documents for
optimal business performance. This is great for employees who work from home,
companies with more than one location and those who travel for business.