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Comprehensive Toronto Monitoring Solutions by PC Mechanix

If you’re in search of top-notch monitoring solutions in Toronto, PC Mechanix is your go-to partner. We understand the invaluable role that surveillance systems play in ensuring security against potential threats such as burglaries, vandalism, theft, and trespassers.

Advanced CCTV Systems for Live Monitoring

Leverage the power of digital technology with our advanced DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and NVR (Network Video Recorder) systems. These advanced systems allow you to stream your surveillance system live from your computer, either on-site or remotely, providing an extra layer of security. Our DVR and NVR systems are capable of handling multiple camera feeds simultaneously, so you can view various areas on your monitor at the same time. For larger setups, we also offer installation of multiple monitors to provide a comprehensive surveillance solution.

Expert Toronto Video Surveillance Services

PC Mechanix is a trusted provider of video surveillance services in Toronto. We serve residential properties and businesses of all sizes, offering high-quality surveillance systems underpinned by cutting-edge technology. Our team of dedicated installers and support staff strive to ensure your property is well-protected.

Tailored Security Solutions and Installation Services

Our security consultants are skilled in conducting site surveys to understand your unique security needs. Based on this analysis, they recommend the right surveillance equipment and installation services to suit your personal or business requirements. We offer a wide range of cameras, each tailored to meet specific needs and scenarios.

Trusted Brands and Professional Installation Services

At PC Mechanix, we trust only reputable brands and employ professional installers to provide you with top-notch security. To enhance your safety measures, we offer digital video recording for live monitoring, ensuring you are informed about your surroundings at all times.

Toronto Camera and Equipment Sales

Looking for surveillance equipment in Toronto? PC Mechanix has you covered. We provide an extensive range of cameras, DVRs, NVRs, monitors, and cables at competitive prices. Whether you need a complete surveillance system or just the hardware, we have it all.

Services for National Account Holders

We’re proud to accept work from national account holders. Our commitment to delivering high-quality service remains unwavering, regardless of the size of your business or project.

Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in enhancing the security of your premises. Trust PC Mechanix to deliver top-tier surveillance solutions and professional installation services tailored to your needs.