Gloria Gallogley

Right from the get-go, I sensed a professional integrity in this young man, Shafi. As a septuagenarian, I am frequently bewildered by this weird and wonderful world of technology. Time and again, Shafi has rescued me from an encroaching nervous breakdown as he restored my computer to health. He has a remarkable knowledge of his craft and nothing seems to phase him as he effortlessly brings the computer to a state of complete compliance. Shafi is honest; a rare trait in today’s world. His rates are reasonable and I always know that he is well worth his hire. He is the perfect gentleman, patient, polite and respectful. He has an unusually disarming and winning way about him that he is likely unaware of. He is very affirming, inspiring confidence in one’s exploration of the computer. My computer did me a favour the day it refused to obey me; I met Shafi.