Kathryn Asaro Mayers – Send Out Cards

My Mac is to my day to day business as a Plane is to a pilot…I have people test drive my website and when someone is ready ..so am I…well recently I had a glitch in the smooth running of my Mac and after my husband had fearlessly handed over his PC to PC Mechanix (and very glad that he did)… I decided I needed to do the same except this time PC Mechanix’s technician came right to our door and did some one on one training with me…we cleaned up things, installed things, and got it running. Just like a great vintage wine …everything was just perfect and still is. I recommend PC Mechanix for many reasons, they follows through with the task at hand displaying professionalism, knowledge and confidence. Their technician made sure I don’t have a thing to worry about when it comes to my Mac and my Blackberry…so do yourself a favour put your worries to rest or to PC Mechanix you will be glad you did.